Art of Teaching
Never Too Late: My Musical Life Story by John Holt

  “Part of the art of learning any difficult act, like music, is knowing both how to teach yourself and how best to use the teaching of others, how to gain from the greater experience and skill of other people without becoming dependent on them. For few people are likely to become good at music, or anything else, who do not learn how to teach themselves. What we can best learn from good teachers is how to teach ourselves better.”

John Holt, Never Too Late: My Musical Life Story.
NY: Dell Publishing, c1978, p.2

Some Guidelines for Basic Classic Guitar Performance and Technique
Zen Guitar by Philip Toshio Sudo



"Zen is most easily understood as a commonsense approach to all things."

…for beginners and advanced students alike, with no distinction made for age or past experience."

"As in the tradition of [the zen arts of Asia], I believe that learning to play the guitar is inseparable from learning to harmonize body, mind, and spirit. To truly play from your soul, you must have all aspects of yourself working together as one."

"information alone cannot teach you what you need to know to play your song. … our aim is not to acquire information but wisdom. The idea here is to train and to experience."


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