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Major Scale Construction

This two-page worksheet is an addition to the Sample Syllabus for Guitar QuickStart™. It may be photocopied as a class handout. Page one of the worksheet provides theoretical information. The tablatures on page 2 can be used by students to diagram the first position scale spellings.
The current edition of the book does not include material introducing the formal construction of scales. Students frequently request scale information, however, so this brief introduction can be incorporated into the syllabus for classroom work.

Download – Major Scale Construction

Prelude in C by Carulli
Moderato in D Major by Diabelli

This piece can be studied after the note-reading chapters of Guitar QuickStart™ are completed. It introduces sharps and key signatures, rest stroke melody with open string bass notes for the thumb, the concept of counting "voices," and second-position fingering for the fretting hand. It also includes slurs, both hammered and pulled. All of these elements are explained on page 1 of the file.

Download – Moderato in D Major by Diabelli

Prelude, Cello Suite No. 1, BWV 1007, by J. S. Bach, arr. Disler

Suitable for intermediate level classic guitar study. This Prelude has been arranged and published numerous times, and is endlessly fascinating. This version stays very close to the original, with minimal additions of implied bass notes.

Download – Prelude, Cello Suite No. 1, BWV 1007, by J. S. Bach, arr. Disler

12-fret Layout Guitar Worksheet

Use this worksheet with Chapter 2 of Guitar QuickStart™, "The Guitar Fretboard." Classroom teachers can use it the first day of class, when some students may not have purchased the text as yet. It also works well in private instruction.

Download – 12-fret Layout Guitar Worksheet

12-fret Diagram

Two pages: one blank diagram, and one with letter-layout complete. Print it out on one sheet, with the blank on one side and layout on the reverse. Have it laminated at a quick-print shop and use water-based markers (NOT "permanent" markers) to help students diagram letters, scales, position-reading locations, or just about anything a teacher might wish to demonstrate.

Download – 12-fret Diagram

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