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We believe in the inestimable personal value of music training and performance for all people, any age, any goal. Therefore provides information on teaching, learning and performing materials of any publisher, as well as our own by Lyra House Music Publications. We are an Affiliate of selected internet companies that enhance our goals, and provide revenue which helps us meet the costs of maintaining the site. does not accept advertising in any form, so that our reviews and selection of materials are not subject to secondary gain or influence.

We are dedicated to information and resources which support
• Classic guitar, especially basic through intermediate levels of teaching & learning
• Teachers of guitar in classroom and studio
• All students – beginner, hobbyist, and developing professionals

Guitar books are abundant in today's marketplace. We focus on those which teach music reading without tablature. Reading music staff notation requires a longer learning curve, but the rewards are abundant:

• More flexibility in designing fretboard fingerings.
(Tablature locks the player into just one fingering.)

• An interface that leads to playing with much more rhythmic variety and sophistication.
(Most modern tablature requires either copying audio rhythm, or reading notated rhythm anyway. Players are not challenged to develop complex rhythmic performance.)

• A visual gateway to more advanced musical analysis and theory, and thus more informed performance.
(Tablature is limited to showing a sequence of locations on the fretboard. Especially on the guitar, the inner voices or formal elements of music are not represented directly.)

• A "language" that can be readily shared with performers on other instruments.
(This makes it much easier–and more fun–to work in ensembles or chamber music with other musicians.)

In subtle ways that only an experienced teacher may understand, the teaching of music reading for classic guitar may be meshed organically with the teaching of technique.

For excellence in study & performance, is committed to support of music reading on guitar.

"The trees of the wood sing out for joy before the Lord" - I Chronicles 16:33
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