Painting   Class Guitar I: Instant Syllabus

by Mary Jo Disler, M.Mus. Theory, The University of Michigan
Adjunct Faculty, Retired, Oakland Community College, Farmington Hills, Michigan

Author, Guitar QuickStart™
Lyra House Music Publications, ISBN-13: 978-0-9642229-0-6
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PROFILE: This "Instant Syllabus" represents class structure for Class Guitar I, before Ms. Disler's retirement from Oakland Community College (OCC), Orchard Ridge campus, Farmington Hills, Michigan. It coordinates well with material for either classic or plectrum techniques. Dates are blank so the Syllabus may be photocopied "as is", or used as a template to customize. It may be freely photocopied and used, as long as the copyright information is preserved and no charge is made to students for copies.

BACKGROUND: Ms. Disler pioneered the development of guitar classes at southeastern Michigan colleges for 25 years. Refined in the classroom, Guitar QuickStart™ emphasizes an understanding of essential guitar concepts within the limited time of a semester. A unique approach – not a clone of other methods – it has proven highly successful. Students and teachers are very complimentary.

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